Frequently Asked Questions

What evidence should I provide to support my claim?

When your case is being registered and progressed, you may be asked to provide relevant and appropriate supporting evidence for the purpose of validating your claim and providing services under your travel insurance contract.

While the documents you’ll be asked for depend on what you’re claiming for, common examples include:

  • your Coverwise Travel Insurance Policy Schedule (provided by email when your insurance was purchased)
  • booking confirmations from travel agents, tour operators and providers of transport and accommodation
  • cancellation invoices
  • unused travel tickets
  • receipts for any costs, charges or expenses
  • a medical certificate or report from the treating medical practitioner
  • a report from the police or relevant authority where the incident occurred
  • photographs of the damage or loss being claimed for

Your Coverwise Travel Insurance Policy Wording will list the claims evidence you may need to provide under each section of your insurance in full detail.