Frequently Asked Questions

I would rather not have the recommended inoculations before I travel. Will this impact my policy cover?

To ensure that you are properly protected on your policy it is important that you take all reasonable precautions to prevent against illness occurring whilst on your trip.

Unfortunately, if you elect not to have the NHS recommended inoculations or do not take the NHS recommended medication and you suffer from a tropical disease, we would not be able to pay for your medical and other expenses for the tropical disease or any consequential costs that are incurred as a result of that tropical disease.

A consequential cost could be a medical or other expense incurred for a medical condition exacerbated as a result of you suffering from a tropical disease.

If you have been specifically advised not to have an inoculation or not to take preventative medication by your doctor or consultant please contact us on +44 (0)1903 255 650 or via email at

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