Frequently Asked Questions

Will my annual policy be automatically renewed when it expires?

When you purchase a Coverwise annual multi-trip policy from us, we will ask your credit or debit card provider to set up a continuous payment authority. This means that, assuming everyone insured on the policy remains eligible, we will apply to renew the annual multi-trip travel insurance within two days of its expiry date to make sure all the insured persons benefit from uninterrupted cover.

When we apply to renew a policy, we will use the payment details provided at the time of taking out the original policy. Many card providers will transfer existing continuous payment authorities to new and replacement payment cards, although this is not always the case and if we are unable to renew your policy, we will email you on, or shortly before, the expiry date of the policy to ensure you are aware that cover is no longer in force.

To thank you for insuring with us, your renewal policy will benefit from an automatic discount, which will guarantee it costs less than buying an equivalent new policy. Consequently, the price of your renewed policy will almost certainly be different to the original policy and we will email you at the address you provided at least 21 days before your current policy is due to expire and advise you of the premium for the next 12 months.

Of course, if you would prefer that we do not automatically renew your policy, please let us know at any time by sending an email to confirming your request along with your Policy Number. You can always ask us to renew later if you change your mind.

If any further information on the renewal process would be helpful, please contact us by telephone on 01903 255 650 (Mon-Fri: 09:00-18:00, Sat: 09:00-14:00) or by email at