Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I travel on my Annual Multi Trip policy?

Non-Winter Sports:

You can travel as often as you wish on your annual multi trip policy, as long as each individual trip does not exceed the maximum trip duration applicable to the policy that you have chosen. (Standard, Standard Plus and Bronze 24 days per trip, Silver, Silver Plus, Gold and Platinum 31 days per trip).

Winter Sports (when the additional winter sports premium has been paid):

Our Standard, Standard Plus and Bronze winter sports annual multi trip policy covers up to 17 days in total for winter sports holidays within the period of insurance which can be taken as one trip or an accumulation of shorter trips. Or, for greater flexibility, our Silver, Silver Plus, Gold and Platinum policies allow you to take as many winter sports holidays as you would like throughout the period of insurance as long as each trip lasts no longer than 17 days.

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