Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered under my policy in the event of a terrorist attack?

Cover remains in place under Section B – Emergency medical and other expenses, Section C – Hospital benefit and Section D – Personal accident of the policy wording, as long as the attack is not nuclear, chemical or biological and as long as the disturbances were not taking place at the beginning or your trip. When planning to travel it is always advisable to keep yourself up to date with changes that occur in the destinations you intend to visit.

If you choose to travel against Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice (that is to a country, specific area, or event when the FCDO, or other regulatory authority in a country to/from which you are travelling, has advised against all or all but essential travel) our policies will continue to provide cover for any insured losses unrelated to the specific reasons for the travel advice/restrictions.

For example, should you travel against FCDO or other regulatory authority advice that is in place due threat of a terror attack, your policy will not provide cover if you suffered loss due to a terror attack when abroad, but would provide cover for claims that are not directly or indirectly linked to terror attacks for instance if you lost your baggage.

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