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Does my Coverwise travel insurance policy provide cover for valuables and if so up to what value?

Coverwise policies cover valuables as standard under the baggage section.

Valuables means - Jewellery, gold, silver, precious metal or precious or semiprecious stone articles, watches, furs, cameras, camcorders, portable satellite navigation systems, photographic, audio, video, computer, television and telecommunications equipment (including MP3/4 players, CD’s, DVD’s, tapes, films, cassettes, cartridges and headphones), computer games and associated equipment, telescopes and binoculars.

Please note that we do not provide cover for mobile phones of any kind.

Limits apply to each level of cover as per below, the limit represents the maximum amount we will pay for valuables in total per person.

Standard £200

Bronze £200

Silver £200

Gold £300

Platinum £500

Valuables are considered high risk items and as such an additional degree of care must be taken to safeguard against loss or theft. For example, as with any possessions valuables are not covered when left unattended, however for valuables this would include being left in an unattended vehicle at any time or when being carried in checked in luggage in the custody or care of a carrier, tour operator or public transport operator.

For full details please refer to your policy wording.

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