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Increased Cash Limits For Travellers To Greece

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Increased Cash Limits For Travellers To Greece

In recognition of the difficulties policyholders may face withdrawing money when visiting Greece and the consequent need to travel with larger amounts of cash and currency, we have increased the cover provided by our insurance policies.

With immediate effect, all Coverwise travel insurance policies will have an increased limit for Cash up to £1,000 per adult (the cash and currency limits for children under the age of 16 remain unchanged).

This additional cover applies when you are visiting Greece and is currently valid until 30th September 2015. The position will be regularly reviewed in the light of new developments.

When travelling with additional amounts of cash and currency, please take the usual precautions, such as:

  • Ensure that not all of your cash and currency is carried at the same time, (unless travelling to your destination or returning to your home, where you have no alternative option)
  • If you are travelling as a couple or a family, divide cash and currency between the travellers (if they are of an appropriate age),
  • Ensure that safes within your accommodation are utilised on all occasions and that your accommodation is securely locked when you are out.
  • If your accommodation does not offer the facility of a safe, cash and currency should be divided and concealed in multiple areas within your locked accommodation rather than stored in one place.

Due to the speed at which new developments are unfolding, this increase in cover is not currently reflected in our policy wording. We are pleased to confirm that the increased cash limits are now in force for policyholders travelling within Greece and that claims for cash and currency arising after 01 July 2015 will be assessed by our underwriter, AXA Insurance UK plc, on this basis.